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Qualitative Research Studies
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Maternal Health
Malawi, Bangladesh
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Yoder, P. Stanley, Mikey Rosato, Riad Mahmud, Alfredo Fort, Fazlur Rahman, Avril Armstrong, and Sayed Rubayet. 2010. Women’s Recall of Delivery and Neonatal Care: A Study of Terms, Concepts, and Survey Questions. DHS Qualitative Research Studies No. 17. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ICF Macro.
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March 2010
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Small PDF IconWomen's Recall of Delivery and Neonatal Care in Bangladesh and Malawi (PDF, 3596K)
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This study was conducted for Save the Children US/Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) to provide information for use in the formulation of survey questions about giving birth, immediate newborn care practices, and postnatal care. The overall study objective was to provide guidance on what questions can be reasonably asked in a newborn care module prepared for use in large sample surveys. Of greatest interest were the events that followed delivery and that involved newborn care and postnatal care for the mother and the newborn. The research considered whether or not the events asked about were usually recalled by women, whether or not the terms used were clear to respondents, and whether the answers provided could be easily and unambiguously coded. We also reflected on how well respondents understood the questions about a ‘health check’ for themselves and the baby and on challenges in interpreting survey data collected on health checkups.


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