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Qualitative Research Studies
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Female Genital Cutting, Gender
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Yoder, P. Stanley, Papa Ousmane Camara, and Baba Soumaoro. 1999. Female Genital Cutting and Coming of Age in Guinea. DHS Qualitative Research Studies No. 2. Calverton, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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December 1999
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The study of female genital cutting (FGC) in Guinea was conducted mainly to better understand how to ask and answer questions about types of FGC in a DHS survey. Through interviews with more than 400 women in the four main languages of Guinea, the study found that women described four types of cutting familiar to them. By using these descriptions of cutting as pre-coded answers to a question about type in the 1999 DHS survey in Guinea, DHS obtained rich and detailed data on FGC type in Guinea.


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