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Trend Reports
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Child Health and Development, Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Maternal Health
Ethiopia DHS, 2011
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Zachary, Blake, Zhuzhi Moore, and Pav Govindasamy. 2013. Trends in Demographic and Reproductive Health Indicators in Ethiopia: Data from the 2000, 2005, and 2011 Demographic and Health Surveys. DHS Trend Reports No. 7. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ICF International
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February 2013
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This report highlights trends in key demographic and health indicators in Ethiopia from data collected in three demographic and health surveys: the 2000 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS), the 2005 EDHS, and the 2011 EDHS. Specifically, the report discusses changes in demographic and reproductive health outcomes over the last 11 years, including changes in fertility, knowledge and practice of family planning, maternal and child health and nutrition, and infant and child morbidity and mortality. In addition, this report presents data on anemia and HIV knowledge and behaviors collected in the 2005 EDHS and 2011 EDHS. This report also compares Ethiopia with other sub-Saharan African countries that have data from similarly conducted recent demographic and health surveys. The primary objective of this report is to provide information needed by planners, policymakers and program administrators to assess the current situation and trends and to design more effective population and reproductive health programs aimed at achieving more positive outcomes in the years to come.


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