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ANALYTICAL - Methodological Reports
ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
MR31 Measurement Approaches for Effective Coverage Estimation (English) 08/2021 Methodological Reports No
MR30 Data Quality in Demographic and Health Surveys That Used Long and Short Questionnaires (English) 09/2020 Methodological Reports No
MR29 Proposal of a Quality of Care Index (QOCI) (English) 08/2020 Methodological Reports No
MR28 The Sensitivity of Anthropometric Estimates to Errors in the Measurement of Height, Weight, and Age for Children Under Five in Population-Based Surveys (English) 08/2020 Methodological Reports No
MR27 Multilevel Modeling Using DHS Surveys: A Framework to Approximate Level-Weights (English) 08/2020 Methodological Reports No
MR26 Strategies to Assess the Quality of DHS Data (English) 09/2019 Methodological Reports Yes
MR25 Consistency of Reporting of Terminated Pregnancies in DHS Calendars (English) 09/2018 Methodological Reports Yes
MR24 The Effect of Interviewer Characteristics on Data Quality in DHS Surveys (English) 09/2018 Methodological Reports Yes
MR23 Methods to Estimate Under-15 Fertility Using Demographic and Health Surveys Data (English) 09/2018 Methodological Reports Yes
MR22 Assessing the Impact of Imperfect Immunoassays on HIV Prevalence Estimates from Surveys Conducted by The DHS Program (English) 08/2017 Methodological Reports Yes
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