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Geographic Information, Maternal Health
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Wang, Wenjuan, Michelle Winner, Clara Burgert, and Josh Colston. 2014. Influence of Service Readiness on Use of Facility Delivery Care: A Study Linking Health Facility Data and Population Data in Haiti. DHS Working Papers No. 114. Rockville, Maryland, USA: ICF International.
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September 2014
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This study used a geospatial methodology to estimate the influence of service readiness at health facilities on women’s use of facility delivery care based on data from the 2012 Haiti Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) and the 2013 Haiti Service Provision Assessment (SPA) survey - a health facility census. By linking DHS clusters and SPA facilities with their GPS data, we measured health facilities’ service readiness to provide quality delivery care by the average and the highest readiness score of facilities within a 10 km buffer from the cluster. A facility’s readiness score was computed with principal component analysis using a wide range of indicators recommended by WHO. Multilevel logistic regressions showed that in rural areas, both average and highest levels of readiness were significantly associated with use of delivery service. However, in urban areas only the highest level of readiness was statistically significant. No association was found between the total number of health facilities offering delivery services and use of facility delivery.


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