The DHS Program continues to collect data on mosquito nets, IPT, and treatment of malaria. Some surveys also include testing for malaria parasites.
DHS Survey

Since 2000, DHS (and some AIS) surveys have collected data on ownership and use of mosquito nets by children and pregnant women, prevalence and prompt treatment of fever in children, and intermittent preventive treatment of pregnant women.

In recent years, additional questions on indoor residual spraying, as well as biomarker testing for anemia and malaria, have been added.  Other indicators include type and timing of antimalarial drugs.





MIS Survey

MIS contains the same malaria questions found in the standard DHS, but is packaged in a shorter, stand-alone survey allowing for faster, less expensive monitoring of key internationally recognized malaria indicators. Biomarker testing for anemia and malaria can also be included in the MIS.

MIS was developed by MERG of Roll Back Malaria and technical assistance in MIS implementation is provided by The DHS Program and other organizations.

To help countries and organizations conduct a MIS, RBM has developed a MIS Toolkit.

SPA Survey

The standard Maternal and Child Health SPA includes a summary of the availability of malaria-related services, including availability of antimalarial medicines, treatment guidelines and protocols, and laboratory diagnostic capacity (and provider training in malaria); an assessment of malaria treatment service for sick children, prevention services among pregnant women, and malaria treatment services for HIV-positive persons; and sometimes data on distribution of insecticide-treated nets.





Photo credit: © 2009 Paul Jeffrey, Courtesy of Photoshare. A girl awakens in her bed covered with an anti-malarial mosquito net in Dundube Kadambo, Malawi. The widespread use of bednets is one of several effective measures to cut down on the transmission of malaria.
Malaria Q&A with DHS Program Malaria Analyst, Dr. Lia Florey
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