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HIV Prevalence

AIS and many DHS surveys provide nationally representative estimates of HIV prevalence rates for over 30 countries. HIV testing has been conducted since 2001 and is anonymous, informed, and voluntary.

HIV prevalence estimates based on population-based surveys such as AIS and DHS differ from estimates derived from sentinel surveillance systems that monitor HIV rates among pregnant women and high-risk populations.

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HIV Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior (KAB)

HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes, and behavior (KAB) data from DHS and AIS are available in over 60 countries. These data have been collected since 1988. 

Indicators, including knowledge of HIV prevention methods, attitudes towards those living with AIDS, beliefs about AIDS transmission, and sexual behaviors associated with HIV/AIDS, are used by USAIDUNAIDSWHO, and other organizations to monitor progress on PEPFAR and UNGASS (HIV/AIDS) plans of action.

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The HIV/AIDS SPA was developed in 2004 to meet the needs of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The HIV/AIDS SPA focuses on the delivery of preventive care and support services.

It provides data on all indicators in the President's Emergency Plan, including voluntary counseling and testing, prevention of maternal-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT), and antiretroviral therapy.

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