In-country Capacity Strengthening Activities

In country cs activities

The DHS Program has provided technical assistance to more than 400 surveys in over 90 countries. Implicit in this collaboration is capacity strengthening for implementing partners. The DHS Program offers:

Capacity Assessments

To assist implementing agencies in assessing their capacity, The DHS Program has developed capacity assessment tools and processes. The capacity assessment of an implementing agency identifies strengths to build upon as well as opportunities to strengthen and fill capacity gaps. The capacity assessment consider two areas: (1) the technical capacity to design and implement a survey and disseminate and use results, and (2) how well the implementing agency understands and responds to in-country data users’ needs. 

Development of Country-specific Capacity Strengthening Plans 

Based on the capacity assessment results, The DHS Program, stakeholders, and implementing agencies will develop a plan to improve and sustain institutional capacity. Capacity strengthening options are selected from an available menu that includes online training, virtual coaching, and regional and national workshops to reinforce individual and institutional capacity. Skill development is supported through innovative approaches that translate individual learning into institutional changes. 

The DHS Program continues to provide technical assistance through on-the-job mentoring and coaching, online learning and support, and workshops, while also expanding learning opportunities for wider reach through online courses and other web-based solutions.


Refined Learning Approaches to Meet Country Needs 

The DHS Program uses several learning approaches to meet the capacity needs of DHS countries.

  • Survey-specific capacity strengthening activities. The DHS Program designs new or updates existing training to reinforce participatory facilitation methods such as adult learning principles throughout the DHS survey continuum. This approach is combined with mentoring and coaching from DHS experts and South-to-South consultants.
  • Competency-based regional and national training. A menu of training opportunities is available for DHS countries that need further capacity strengthening in specific technical areas.