AIS Model Questionnaires

The AIDS Indicator Survey contains two core survey instruments – the core household questionnaire and the individual questionnaire.

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Household Questionnaire

The household questionnaire includes a household schedule, which is used to identify eligible men and women (based on age) for individual interviews and to obtain information on basic characteristics of the household and its members, as well as a section on care and support. Specifically, information is obtained on parental survivorship and residence, which provides the basis for the calculation of orphanhood levels, and care and support indicators for chronically ill people and orphans and vulnerable children.

Individual Questionnaire

The individual questionnaire can be used in interviewing either women or men. The questionnaire obtains data on background characteristics, pattern of marital unions, age at sexual debut, pattern of sexual behavior in the last 12 months, condom use, experience with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and treatment response to self-reported STIs, knowledge and attitudes related to HIV/AIDS, and coverage of HIV-testing.

Additional Modules

An additional module on adult mortality is included in the AIS Package which may also be added to the AIDS Indicator Survey.

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