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Publication results for: Topic(s): "Maternal Mortality"

336 Publication(s)

ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FR350 Benin DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (French) 04/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR346 Jordan DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 03/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR354 Pakistan DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports No
FR337 South Africa DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR349 Maldives DHS, 2016-17 - Final Report (English) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR341 Tajikistan DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English, Russian) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR348 Albania DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR347 Philippines DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR345 Senegal DHS, 2017 - Final Report (French) 09/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR340 Ghana Special, 2017 - Maternal Health Survey (English) 08/2018 Other Final Reports Yes
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SR251 Ghana Special, 2017 - Key Findings (English) 08/2018 Summary Reports/Key Findings No
SR186 Afghanistan Special, 2010 - Mortality Survey Key Findings (English) 11/2011 Summary Reports/Key Findings Yes
GF42 Ghana MHS 2017 Fact Sheet (English) 08/2018 General Fact Sheets No
DM132 Ghana MHS 2017 - Infographic (English) 08/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM131 Ghana MHS 2017 - Wall Chart (English) 08/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM73 Cambodia DHS 2014 - Infographic (English) 09/2015 Other Dissemination Materials No
PB2 Eswatini Briefing Kit 2006-07 (English) 08/2008 Policy Briefs No
PB1 Pakistan Briefing Kit 2006-07 (English) 08/2008 Policy Briefs No
ATR1 Atlas Demográfico e de Saúde de Mocambique (Portuguese) 02/1999 Atlas Reports No
PPT63 Ghana MHS, 2017 - Survey Presentations (English) 08/2018 Survey Presentations No
WP142 Using the Uganda Demographic and Health Surveys from 2011 and 2016 to Assess Changes in Saving Mothers, Giving Life Intervention Districts (English) 05/2018 Working Papers Yes
MR21 Comparisons of DHS Estimates of Fertility and Mortality with Other Estimates (English) 08/2017 Methodological Reports Yes
FA102 Trends in Maternal Health in Nigeria, 2003-2013 (English) 08/2016 Further Analysis No
AS50 Contraception Needed to Avoid High-Fertility-Risk Births, and Maternal and Child Deaths That Would Be Averted (English) 09/2015 Analytical Studies Yes
MR13 An Assessment of DHS Maternal Mortality Data and Estimates (English) 09/2014 Methodological Reports Yes
CR26 Levels and Trends in the Use of Maternal Health Services in Developing Countries (English) 06/2011 Comparative Reports Yes
FA54 Improvements in Maternal Health in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis No
AR4 DHS Maternal Mortality Indicators: An Assessment of Data Quality and Implications for Data Use (English) 09/1997 Analytical Studies Yes
FA10 Determinants of Health and Mortality in Africa (English, French) 04/1990 Further Analysis No