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Aug 2020

Variations in Health Outcomes with Alternative Measures of Urbanicity, Using Demographic and Health Surveys 2013-18

The literature has firmly established the link between urban/rural place of residence and health indicators, and the association of poor health outcomes and health services in rural areas.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Family Planning, Geographic Information, Maternal Health, Nutrition, Wealth/Socioeconomics


Aug 2020

Contraceptive Use, Method Mix, and Method Availability: A Multilevel Analysis

Access to a range of contraceptives affords women greater opportunity to find a method that meets their unique reproductive needs, possibly leading to greater diversity in the method mix and increased contraceptive use at population levels.

Topics: Family Planning, Health facilities/SPA surveys


Apr 2020

Using Health Management Information Systems Data to Contextualize Survey-based Estimates of Fertility, Mortality, and Wasting


Topics: Child Health and Development, Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Health facilities/SPA surveys, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health, Maternal Mortality, Nutrition, Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis


Sep 2019

Women's Contraceptive Profiles throughout the Life Course in Burundi and Nepal

This study uses sequence and cluster analysis to identify profiles that characterize women’s dynamic contraceptive use and pregnancy experiences by using 5-year, retrospective, longitudinal data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) contraceptive calendars.

Topics: Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis


Aug 2019

Regional Disparities in Fertility Preferences and Demand for Family Planning Satisfied by Modern Methods across Levels of Poverty

Research has highlighted disparities in family planning outcomes by wealth and by region separately.

Topics: Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences


Sep 2018

Consistency of Reporting of Terminated Pregnancies in DHS Calendars

This study examines the consistency of reporting of terminated pregnancies in DHS reproductive calendars.

Topics: Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences


Sep 2018

Potential Implications of the Ghana and Nepal Follow-Up Studies for DHS Questionnaires and Fieldwork Procedures

Recent follow-up mixed-methods studies undertaken by The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program in Ghana and Nepal sought to better understand the reasons behind unmet need and barriers to contraceptive use.

Topics: Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Gender, Maternal Health


Aug 2018

Absolute Poverty, Fertility Preferences, and Family Planning Use in FP2020 Focus Countries

Broad gains in contraceptive access and use have been made in low-income countries over the past decade while poverty has declined, but the trends have been uneven.

Topics: Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Wealth/Socioeconomics


Jul 2018

Does Men's Involvement Improve the Health Outcomes of Their Partners and Children?

Men’s involvement in the health of their partners and children can play an important role in improving health outcomes.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Family Planning, Gender, Maternal Health


May 2018

Barriers to Family Planning Use in Eastern Nepal: Results from a Mixed Methods Study

Faced with stagnant contraceptive prevalence, the Government of Nepal has recently ramped up efforts to reduce barriers to family planning, to increase methods and services available, and to satisfy the demand for modern contraception.

Topics: Family Planning