hiv publications

Final DHS reports:
Surveys that have implemented HIV Prevalence Testing include a chapter on the final report.

Analytical Studies
ID Title Published
AS47 Contraceptive Dynamics Following HIV Testing (English) 2014
AS29 HIV-Related Knowledge and Behaviors among People Living with HIV in Eight High HIV Prevalence Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 2012
AS24 The Impact of Television and Radio on Reproductive Behavior and on HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Behavior (English) 2011
AS16 HIV and Nutrition among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 2008
Atlas Reports
ID Title Published
ATR5 Uganda Atlas of HIV/AIDS Indicators 2004-05 (English) 2007
ATR4 Tanzania 2003-04 Atlas of HIV/AIDS Indicators (English) 2006
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published
CR24 Changes in HIV-Related Knowledge and Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 2009
Further Analysis
ID Title Published
FA89 Recent Trends in HIV-Related Knowledge and Behaviors in Rwanda, 2005-2010 (English) 2013
FA56 Changes in HIV-Related Knowledge and Behavior in Ethiopia, 2000-2005 (English) 2008
FA46 An In-Depth Analysis of HIV Prevalence in Ghana (English) 2005
FA22 Knowledge of STIs and AIDS, Risk Awareness and Condom Use in Zimbabwe (English) 1997
FA21 Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Regarding AIDS in Benin (English, French) 1997
HIV Fact Sheets
ID Title Published
HF26 Ukraine DHS, 2007 - HIV Fact Sheet (Ukrainian) (English) 2008
Methodological Reports
ID Title Published
MR7 Measuring Concurrent Sexual Partnerships: Experience of the MEASURE DHS Project to Date (English) 2012
Other Dissemination Materials
ID Title Published
DM3 The Future is in Our Hands: Tanzanian Youth, Reproductive Health and HIV (English) 2007
DM2 Youth in Kenya: Health and HIV (English) 2006
Other Documents
ID Title Published
OD65 HIV Prevalence Estimates - Updated July 2012 (English) 2012
OD61 HIV Prevalence Estimates - Updated June 2010 (English) 2010
OD51 HIV Prevalence Estimates (English) 2008
OD52 Estimations de la prévalence du VIH (French) 2008
OD46 Trends in Youth Reproductive Health in Ethiopia, 2000 and 2005 (English) 2008
OD50 HIV/AIDS in Haiti: Key Findings of the Mortality, Morbidity, and Utilization of Services Survey EMMUS-IV 2005-2006 (English, French) 2008
OD47 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Amman Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 2004
OD48 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Irbid Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 2004
OD49 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Zarqa Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 2004
OD20 Guatemala Salud Materno Infantil en los Departamentos del Altiplano (Spanish) 1999
Other Fact Sheets
ID Title Published
OF31 National, State and Union Territory, and District Fact Sheets - 2015-16 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) (English) 2016
Other Final Reports
ID Title Published
FR314 Sao Tome and Principe MICS, 2014 - Resultados dos Biomarcadores do Inquérito de Indicadores Múltiplos (MICS) São Tomé E Príncipe 2014 (Portuguese) 2015
Policy Briefs
ID Title Published
PB1 Pakistan Briefing Kit 2006-07 (English) 2008
PB2 Swaziland Briefing Kit 2006-07 (English) 2008
Qualitative Research Studies
ID Title Published
QRS13 Social Dynamics of VCT and Disclosure in Uganda (English) 2006
QRS12 Home-Based HIV Testing and Counselling in a Survey Context in Uganda (English) 2006
QRS10 Comprehension of Questions in the Tanzania AIDS Indicator Survey (English) 2004
QRS8 Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) for HIV in Malawi: Public Perspectives and Recent VCT Experiences (English) 2004
QRS7 Obtenir le consentement éclaire pour le test VIH; L'expérience de l'Enquête Démographique et de Santé au Mali (French) 2004
SPA Final Reports
ID Title Published
SPA9 Kenya SPA, 2004 - Final Report - HIV SPA (English) 2005
Spatial Analysis Reports
ID Title Published
SAR10 Linking DHS Household and SPA Facility Surveys: Data Considerations and Geospatial Methods (English) 2014
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published
SR139 Kenya SPA, 2004 - Key Findings - HIV/AIDS (English) 2005
SR133 Peru DHS, 2000 - Key Findings on HIV/AIDS (Spanish) 2002
SR134 Malawi DHS, 2000 - Key Findings (English) 2002
SR135 Armenia DHS, 2000 - Key Findings (English) 2002
Working Papers
ID Title Published
WP134 Knowledge about HIV and Discriminatory Attitudes toward People Living with HIV in Pakistan (English) 2017
WP125 Male Circumcision and HIV in Lesotho: Is the Relationship Real or Spurious? Analysis of the 2009 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 2016
WP119 Factors Associated with Changes in Uptake of HIV Testing among Young Women (age 15-24) in Tanzania from 2003 to 2012 (English) 2015
WP117 Gender Relations, Sexual Behaviour, and Risk of Contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections among Women in Union in Uganda (English) 2015
WP105 HIV Knowledge and Risky Sexual Behavior among Men in Rwanda (English) 2014
WP107 Knowledge of HIV Status at ANC and Utilization of Maternal Health Services in the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 2014
WP110 Factors Associated with HIV Testing in the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 2014
WP102 Male Circumcision and Risky Sexual Behavior in Zimbabwe: Evidence from the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 2013
WP100 Male Circumcision, Sexual Behavior, and HIV Status in Uganda (English) 2013
WP78 Does It Really Matter Where You Live? A Multilevel Analysis of Social Disorganization and Risky Sexual Behaviours in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 2010
WP61 The Role of Partner Reduction and Faithfulness in HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe (English) 2009
WP42 The Association between Medical Injections and Prevalent HIV Infection: Evidence from a National Sero-Survey in Uganda (English) 2008
WP49 AIDS Stigma and Uptake of HIV Testing in Zimbabwe (English) 2008
WP34 Men's Condom Use in Higher-Risk Sex: Trends and Determinants in Five Sub-Saharan Countries (English) 2008
WP32 Desire for Children and Unmet Need for Contraception among HIV-Positive Women in Lesotho (English) 2007
WP33 HIV Status and Age at First Marriage among Women in Cameroon (English) 2007
WP27 Spatial Modeling of HIV Prevalence in Kenya (English) 2007
WP31 A study of the association of HIV infection with wealth in sub-Saharan Africa (English) 2007
WP26 Under-five Mortality Trends in Africa: Reconstruction from Demographic Sample Surveys (English) 2005
WP24 Education and Nutritional Status of Orphans and Children of HIV-Infected Parents in Kenya (English) 2005