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Publication results for: Topic(s): "Malaria"

437 Publication(s)

ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FR350 Benin DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (French) 04/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR346 Jordan DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 03/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR354 Pakistan DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports No
FR337 South Africa DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports Yes
FR349 Maldives DHS, 2016-17 - Final Report (English) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR341 Tajikistan DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English, Russian) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR348 Albania DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR347 Philippines DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR345 Senegal DHS, 2017 - Final Report (French) 09/2018 DHS Final Reports No
MIS31 Tanzania MIS, 2017 - MIS Final Report (English) 08/2018 MIS Final Reports Yes
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PR96 Burkina Faso: MIS 2017-2018 - Key Indicators Report (French) 07/2018 Preliminary Reports/Key Indicators Reports No
SR196 Tanzania AIS, 2011-12 - Key Findings (Kiswahili) (English) 03/2013 Summary Reports/Key Findings No
MF24 Senegal DHS 2017 Malaria Fact Sheet (French) 09/2018 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF25 Tanzania MIS 2017 Malaria Fact Sheet (Kiswahili) (English) 08/2018 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF23 Rwanda MIS 2017 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 07/2018 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF22 Togo MIS 2017 Malaria Fact Sheet (French) 02/2018 Malaria Fact Sheets No
GF40 Malawi MIS 2017 Fact Sheet (English) 01/2018 General Fact Sheets No
MF21 Liberia MIS 2016 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 09/2017 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF19 Angola DHS 2015-16 Malaria Fact Sheet (English, Portuguese) 06/2017 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF20 Ghana MIS 2016 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 05/2017 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF18 Madagascar MIS 2016 Malaria Fact Sheet (French) 01/2017 Malaria Fact Sheets No
MF17 Nigeria MIS 2015 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 08/2016 Malaria Fact Sheets No
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DM140 Tanzania 2017 MIS - Infographic (English) 08/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM139 Tanzania 2017 MIS - Wall Chart (English) 08/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
ATR20 Tanzania Malaria Atlas - Malaria Indicator Survey 2017 (Kiswahili) (English) 08/2018 Atlas Reports No
DM135 Rwanda 2017 MIS - Infographic (English) 07/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM130 Togo 2017 MIS Infographic (French) 02/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM127 Malawi 2017 MIS - Infographic (English) 01/2018 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM124 Liberia MIS 2016 - Infographic (English) 09/2017 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM111 Ghana MIS 2016 - Infographic (English) 05/2017 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM110 Ghana 2016 MIS - Wall Chart (English) 05/2017 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM103 Madagascar 2016 MIS - Infographic (French) 01/2017 Other Dissemination Materials No
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PPT67 Tanzania: MIS, 2017 - Survey Presentations (English) 08/2018 Survey Presentations No
PPT61 Malawi: MIS, 2017 - Survey Presentations (English) 01/2018 Survey Presentations No
PPT41 Uganda: MIS, 2014-15 - Survey Presentations (English) 10/2015 Survey Presentations No
PPT39 Malawi: MIS, 2014 - Survey Presentations (English) 02/2015 Survey Presentations No
PPT33 Tanzania: AIS, 2011-12 - Survey Presentations (Kiswahili) (English) 03/2013 Survey Presentations No
PPT34 Malawi: MIS, 2012 - Survey Presentations (English) 11/2012 Survey Presentations No
PPT28 Liberia: MIS, 2011 - Survey Presentations (English) 06/2012 Survey Presentations No
PPT27 Madagascar: MIS 2011 - Survey Presentations (French) 03/2012 Survey Presentations No
AS67 Gaps in Service Utilization and Service Provision: An Analysis of DHS and SPA Malaria Data from Malawi, Senegal, and Tanzania (English) 09/2018 Analytical Studies Yes
AS66 The Association of Deforestation and Other Environmental Factors with Child Health and Mortality (English) 08/2018 Analytical Studies Yes
AS61 Using Household Survey Data to Explore the Effects of Improved Housing Conditions on Malaria Infection in Children in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 08/2016 Analytical Studies Yes
AS52 Increasing Equity of Insecticide-Treated Net Ownership in Sub-Saharan Africa from 2003 to 2014 (English) 09/2015 Analytical Studies Yes
AS51 The Relationship between the Health Service Environment and Service Utilization: Linking Population Data to Health Facilities Data in Haiti and Malawi (English) 09/2015 Analytical Studies Yes
FA93 Malaria Prevention and Treatment for Children Under Five in Mali: Further Analysis of the 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Further Analysis Yes
AS43 Measures of Malaria Parasitemia Prevalence in National Surveys: Agreement between Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Microscopy (English) 09/2014 Analytical Studies Yes
WP112 Predictors of IPTp Uptake among Pregnant Women in the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 08/2014 Working Papers Yes
AS39 Preventing Malaria during Pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants of Effective IPTp Delivery (English) 09/2013 Analytical Studies Yes
AS32 Improving Estimates of Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Net Coverage from Household Surveys: Using Geographic Coordinates to Account for Endemicity and Seasonality (English) 09/2012 Analytical Studies Yes
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OD72 Ghana Malaria Indicator Trends: Outputs from a DHS Program Workshop (English) 12/2018 Other Documents No
OD66 Women's Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000 (English) 03/2014 Other Documents Yes
OD60 Millennium Development Goals in Ghana (English) 04/2010 Other Documents No