What We Do_MIS Manuals

To produce comparable information across countries, it is necessary to ensure that the questionnaires and the survey procedures followed in each country are standardized. Therefore, The DHS Program has developed a set of basic documentation to go with the model questionnaires. 

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Fieldwork Manuals

  • MIS Interviewer’s Manual
    This manual explains to interviewers how to do their jobs. The manual includes information about implementation of the survey, training activities, and fieldwork procedures. It details interview techniques and procedures for completing the questionnaires.
  • MIS Supervisor’s and Editor's Manual
    This manual explains to field supervisors how to do their jobs. This is a “model” manual that reflects the standard MIS protocols for how to organize and implement the survey. Responsibilities of field supervisors, procedures for ensuring the availability of necessary training and fieldwork materials, organizing and overseeing interviewers and interviewer fieldwork, and monitoring interviewer performance are discussed in detail.
  • MIS Guidelines for Interviewer Training
    This manual was produced as an aid for use in the design and implementation of field staff training. This document provides general guidelines for organizing and conducting the training of survey field staff. The manual also includes a section on supervising fieldwork and the use of field check tables.

Reporting Findings of the MIS