DHS in the News

Journalists worldwide write about The DHS Program results. The dissemination of DHS, SPA and HIV data is often widely covered by media in survey countries, but journalists also use The DHS Program data throughout the year as background information for their stories, or to compare health and development indicators across countries. These data are also used by journalists in the United States and other developed countries, as it is considered the gold standard of population, health and nutrition data. Below are some examples of recent news coverage. Please note: The links below are to websites outside The DHS Program.

Apr 26, 2010
Tipping points in Mali

John Donnelly
Guest Blog
Global Health Magazine (USA)

...The first was a discovery in a book of statistics.

Deep inside Mali's Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) in 2006 was this finding: Mali residents were using health facilities, on average, just 0.3 times a year. It wasn't that people in Mali were extraordinarily healthy. Instead, officials believed, many weren't going because they couldn't afford a visit with a doctor or even a community health worker...

Apr 08, 2010
Mozambique: Many citizens still ignorant about HIV and AIDS

...A new national survey on HIV and AIDS "destroys the myth that everybody already knows about AID," Mozambican Health Minister Ivo Garrido declared on Thursday.

Although there has been an increase in knowledge over the past few years, the survey, he noted, shows "that the majority of Mozambicans still do not possess the indispensable minimum of knowledge"...
Mar 08, 2010
Uganda: Women and the cross of childbirth

Muniini K. Mulera

...The African woman bears a cross with deadly thorns that sprout each time she conceives. To put the tragedy of motherhood in Uganda and in Sub-Saharan Africa into context, let us look at some recent global and national figures from the World Health Organisation and the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey...

Feb 27, 2010
Obstetricians and gynecologists of Ghana hold AGM
Christabel Akoto-Manu & Agnes Opoku Sarpong

..She stated that the result of the 2008 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey appeared to give a ray of hope, in that whereas under-5 mortality has markedly reduced to 80 per 1000 live births from 111 per 1000 live births for the previous survey of 2003, the same level of accelerated reduction cannot be said for maternal mortality...
Jan 12, 2010
Global: The West and the Rest are converging

Hans Rosling
Special to CNN

...How did young parents, governments and aid organizations jointly manage to improve this noble metric, to improve the chances of surviving childhood? Due to the wise funding by USAID of the Demographic and Health Surveys, we know the answer. Since 1990, Bangladesh, Egypt and Brazil have had an average annual rate of reduction in child mortality of 4.7 percent, 5.5 percent and 6.3 percent, respectively...