DHS in the News

Journalists worldwide write about The DHS Program results. The dissemination of DHS, SPA and HIV data is often widely covered by media in survey countries, but journalists also use The DHS Program data throughout the year as background information for their stories, or to compare health and development indicators across countries. These data are also used by journalists in the United States and other developed countries, as it is considered the gold standard of population, health and nutrition data. Below are some examples of recent news coverage. Please note: The links below are to websites outside The DHS Program.

Aug 30, 2018
Child nutritional and mortality rates improve says reports

Asma Ghani
THE TRIBUNE (Islamabad, Pakistan)

"Infant mortality was recorded at 62 deaths per 1,000 live births, down from 74% in the last survey of 2012-13. The under-five mortality rate was recorded at 74 deaths per 1,000 live births, down from 89 previously..."

Aug 06, 2018
Ghana experiences stagnated exclusive breastfeeding records

Christabel Addo

"Dr Nsaih-Asare in a News briefing and media orientation in Accra, for the 2018 World Breastfeeding Week, said the country’s EBF rates according to the 2014 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS) [exclusive breastfeeding] stood at 52 per cent, with wide disparities."

Jul 26, 2018
Zimbabwe in 10 numbers


"About 27% of children under the age of five suffer stunted growth, with 9% severely stunted because of poor nutrition, the 2015 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey report revealed."

Jul 11, 2018
Tanzanias local radio in fight against forced marriage and female genital cutting

UNESCO (Ngorongoro District, Tanzania)

"...The area represents one of the most prevalent areas for FGM practice with Arusha ranking third nationally at 41% according to the 2015/2016 Tanzanian Demographic and Health Survey..."