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Journalists worldwide write about The DHS Program results. The dissemination of DHS, SPA and HIV data is often widely covered by media in survey countries, but journalists also use The DHS Program data throughout the year as background information for their stories, or to compare health and development indicators across countries. These data are also used by journalists in the United States and other developed countries, as it is considered the gold standard of population, health and nutrition data. Below are some examples of recent news coverage. Please note: The links below are to websites outside The DHS Program.

Jan 15, 2018
Anaemia turns out to be the big villain among kids in Karnataka India

Kiran Parashar KM & Tushar Kaushik
THE NEW INDIA EXPRESS (Bengaluru, India)

"The statistics are provided along with details on prevalence of malnutrition-related disorders among Karnataka’s children in the the National Family Health Survey-4 (2015-16), which also states that while 36.2 per cent of children in this age-group suffer stunted growth, 35.2 per cent are underweight..."

Jan 14, 2018
Vaccination rates among Indias rich have dropped the national family health survey shows

Nayantara Narayanan
SCROLL (India)

"One of the more alarming public health trends that the NFHS 4 reveals is the slowdown and stagnation of immunisation rates in some communities. The percentage of children who have been fully immunised increased from 44% in 2005-’06 to 62% in 2015-’16. Full immunisation means that the child has received the BCG, measles, and three doses each of DPT and polio vaccines..."

Jan 03, 2018
Child marriage continues to traumatize 21st century India

Rohit Jain

"According to the 2016 National Family Health Survey, about 42% of women aged between 20-24 years, were married before reaching the legal age of 18 in the state of West Bengal..."

Dec 12, 2017
More Units for Newborns in Odisha State in India

Sandeep Mishra
THE TELEGRAPH (Odisha, India)

"The state faired in controlling the infant mortality rate, according to the national family health survey report of 2015-16. It says the state's infant mortality rate now stands at 40 per thousand live births compared to 65 per thousand live birth in 2005-06..."

Dec 12, 2017
Efforts must continue to promote creation of violence free community for women

Ellayn De Vera-Ruiz

"The statistics remain alarming–one out of five women aged 15 to 49 has experienced physical violence based on the National Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority..."