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Bangladesh: SPA, 2014
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SPA Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Facility Recode
BDFC7ADTSR.ZIP 930 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDFC7AFLSR.ZIP 1.07 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDFC7ASDSR.ZIP 1.17 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDFC7ASVSR.ZIP 942 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Provider Recode
BDPV7ADTSR.ZIP 605 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDPV7AFLSR.ZIP 630 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDPV7ASDSR.ZIP 728 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDPV7ASVSR.ZIP 613 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Staff/Provider Listing Recode
BDSL7ADTSR.ZIP 408 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDSL7AFLSR.ZIP 410 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDSL7ASDSR.ZIP 413 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDSL7ASVSR.ZIP 414 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Facility Raw
BDFC7ADTSP.ZIP 512 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDFC7AFLSP.ZIP 591 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDFC7ASDSP.ZIP 696 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDFC7ASVSP.ZIP 520 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Provider Raw
BDPV7ADTSP.ZIP 189 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDPV7AFLSP.ZIP 202 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDPV7ASDSP.ZIP 239 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDPV7ASVSP.ZIP 205 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Staff/Provider Listing Raw
BDSL7ADTSP.ZIP 65.8 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BDSL7AFLSP.ZIP 76.2 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BDSL7ASDSP.ZIP 77.5 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BDSL7ASVSP.ZIP 73.0 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Geographic Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Geographic Data
BDGE7AFLSR.ZIP 99.4 KB Shape file (.shp)