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India: Standard DHS, 1992-93
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Survey Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode
IABR23DT.ZIP 20.5 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IABR23FL.ZIP 22.8 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IABR23SD.ZIP 34.0 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IABR23SV.ZIP 31.7 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
IAHH21DT.ZIP 7.01 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAHH21FL.ZIP 15.1 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAHH21SD.ZIP 10.9 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAHH21SV.ZIP 7.83 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Recode
IAHR23DT.ZIP 10.3 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAHR23FL.ZIP 11.4 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAHR23SD.ZIP 16.3 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAHR23SV.ZIP 11.2 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Height and Weight Scores - WHO Child Growth Standards
IAHW22.ZIP 401 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
IAHW22DT.ZIP 379 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAHW22FL.ZIP 403 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAHW22SD.ZIP 430 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAHW22SV.ZIP 439 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
IAIQ21DT.ZIP 16.9 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAIQ21FL.ZIP 33.2 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAIQ21SD.ZIP 26.3 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAIQ21SV.ZIP 18.8 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
IAIQ22.ZIP 27.8 MB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
Individual Recode
IAIR23.ZIP 41.7 MB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
IAIR23DT.ZIP 28.9 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAIR23FL.ZIP 31.1 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAIR23SD.ZIP 42.1 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAIR23SV.ZIP 31.7 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Children's Recode
IAKR23DT.ZIP 8.18 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAKR23FL.ZIP 9.51 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAKR23SD.ZIP 12.5 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAKR23SV.ZIP 10.7 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Member Recode
IAPR23DT.ZIP 8.66 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAPR23FL.ZIP 9.47 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAPR23SD.ZIP 12.6 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAPR23SV.ZIP 14.9 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Service Availability Raw
IASQ21DT.ZIP 137 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
IASQ21FL.ZIP 290 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IASQ21SD.ZIP 174 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IASQ21SV.ZIP 143 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Wealth Index
IAWI22.ZIP 643 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
IAWI22DT.ZIP 713 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
IAWI22FL.ZIP 643 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
IAWI22SD.ZIP 877 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
IAWI22SV.ZIP 1010 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Andhra Pradesh
Household Raw
APHH21DT.ZIP 471 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
APHH21FL.ZIP 914 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
APHH21SD.ZIP 684 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
APHH21SV.ZIP 505 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
APIQ21DT.ZIP 732 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
APIQ21FL.ZIP 1.42 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
APIQ21SD.ZIP 1.13 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
APIQ21SV.ZIP 780 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Arunachal Pradesh
Household Raw
ARHH21DT.ZIP 238 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ARHH21FL.ZIP 403 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ARHH21SD.ZIP 317 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ARHH21SV.ZIP 239 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
ARIQ21DT.ZIP 303 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ARIQ21FL.ZIP 541 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ARIQ21SD.ZIP 424 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ARIQ21SV.ZIP 316 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
ASHH21DT.ZIP 419 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ASHH21FL.ZIP 793 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ASHH21SD.ZIP 601 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ASHH21SV.ZIP 438 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
ASIQ21DT.ZIP 649 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ASIQ21FL.ZIP 1.26 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ASIQ21SD.ZIP 1003 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ASIQ21SV.ZIP 706 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
BHHH21DT.ZIP 561 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
BHHH21FL.ZIP 1.08 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BHHH21SD.ZIP 820 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BHHH21SV.ZIP 602 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
BHIQ21DT.ZIP 1.01 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
BHIQ21FL.ZIP 2.12 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
BHIQ21SD.ZIP 1.67 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
BHIQ21SV.ZIP 1.15 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
DLHH21DT.ZIP 431 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
DLHH21FL.ZIP 823 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
DLHH21SD.ZIP 618 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
DLHH21SV.ZIP 455 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
DLIQ21DT.ZIP 690 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
DLIQ21FL.ZIP 1.34 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
DLIQ21SD.ZIP 1.04 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
DLIQ21SV.ZIP 752 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
GJHH21DT.ZIP 457 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
GJHH21FL.ZIP 877 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
GJHH21SD.ZIP 659 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
GJHH21SV.ZIP 482 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
GJIQ21DT.ZIP 709 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
GJIQ21FL.ZIP 1.39 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
GJIQ21SD.ZIP 1.09 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
GJIQ21SV.ZIP 777 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
GOHH21DT.ZIP 441 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
GOHH21FL.ZIP 841 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
GOHH21SD.ZIP 636 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
GOHH21SV.ZIP 465 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
GOIQ21DT.ZIP 637 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
GOIQ21FL.ZIP 1.24 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
GOIQ21SD.ZIP 978 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
GOIQ21SV.ZIP 697 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Himachal Pradesh
Household Raw
HPHH21DT.ZIP 399 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
HPHH21FL.ZIP 754 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
HPHH21SD.ZIP 569 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
HPHH21SV.ZIP 419 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
HPIQ21DT.ZIP 602 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
HPIQ21FL.ZIP 1.14 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
HPIQ21SD.ZIP 930 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
HPIQ21SV.ZIP 639 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
HRHH21DT.ZIP 386 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
HRHH21FL.ZIP 722 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
HRHH21SD.ZIP 550 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
HRHH21SV.ZIP 402 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
HRIQ21DT.ZIP 581 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
HRIQ21FL.ZIP 1.10 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
HRIQ21SD.ZIP 894 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
HRIQ21SV.ZIP 618 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
JMHH21DT.ZIP 387 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
JMHH21FL.ZIP 727 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
JMHH21SD.ZIP 554 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
JMHH21SV.ZIP 405 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
JMIQ21DT.ZIP 569 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
JMIQ21FL.ZIP 1.08 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
JMIQ21SD.ZIP 867 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
JMIQ21SV.ZIP 608 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
KAHH21DT.ZIP 515 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
KAHH21FL.ZIP 1001 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
KAHH21SD.ZIP 746 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
KAHH21SV.ZIP 542 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
KAIQ21DT.ZIP 814 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
KAIQ21FL.ZIP 1.59 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
KAIQ21SD.ZIP 1.26 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
KAIQ21SV.ZIP 874 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
KEHH21DT.ZIP 526 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
KEHH21FL.ZIP 1.00 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
KEHH21SD.ZIP 778 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
KEHH21SV.ZIP 554 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
KEIQ21DT.ZIP 778 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
KEIQ21FL.ZIP 1.52 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
KEIQ21SD.ZIP 1.21 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
KEIQ21SV.ZIP 836 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
MGHH21DT.ZIP 241 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MGHH21FL.ZIP 292 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MGHH21SD.ZIP 322 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MGHH21SV.ZIP 244 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
MGIQ21DT.ZIP 332 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MGIQ21FL.ZIP 607 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MGIQ21SD.ZIP 478 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MGIQ21SV.ZIP 350 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
MHHH21DT.ZIP 481 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MHHH21FL.ZIP 933 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MHHH21SD.ZIP 696 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MHHH21SV.ZIP 510 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
MHIQ21DT.ZIP 780 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MHIQ21FL.ZIP 1.54 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MHIQ21SD.ZIP 1.19 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MHIQ21SV.ZIP 858 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
MNHH21DT.ZIP 250 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MNHH21FL.ZIP 430 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MNHH21SD.ZIP 336 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MNHH21SV.ZIP 253 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
MNIQ21DT.ZIP 318 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MNIQ21FL.ZIP 577 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MNIQ21SD.ZIP 448 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MNIQ21SV.ZIP 337 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Madhya Pradesh
Household Raw
MPHH21DT.ZIP 628 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MPHH21FL.ZIP 1.23 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MPHH21SD.ZIP 925 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MPHH21SV.ZIP 677 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
MPIQ21DT.ZIP 1.02 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
MPIQ21FL.ZIP 2.11 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MPIQ21SD.ZIP 1.64 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MPIQ21SV.ZIP 1.13 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
MZHH21DT.ZIP 245 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MZHH21FL.ZIP 419 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MZHH21SD.ZIP 329 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MZHH21SV.ZIP 249 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
MZIQ21DT.ZIP 323 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
MZIQ21FL.ZIP 587 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
MZIQ21SD.ZIP 458 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
MZIQ21SV.ZIP 342 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
NAHH21DT.ZIP 239 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
NAHH21FL.ZIP 406 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
NAHH21SD.ZIP 322 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
NAHH21SV.ZIP 242 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
NAIQ21DT.ZIP 321 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
NAIQ21FL.ZIP 584 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
NAIQ21SD.ZIP 460 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
NAIQ21SV.ZIP 339 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
ORHH21DT.ZIP 502 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ORHH21FL.ZIP 976 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ORHH21SD.ZIP 734 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ORHH21SV.ZIP 536 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
ORIQ21DT.ZIP 763 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
ORIQ21FL.ZIP 1.49 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
ORIQ21SD.ZIP 1.17 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
ORIQ21SV.ZIP 821 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
PJHH21DT.ZIP 394 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PJHH21FL.ZIP 736 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PJHH21SD.ZIP 574 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PJHH21SV.ZIP 407 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
PJIQ21DT.ZIP 580 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PJIQ21FL.ZIP 1.13 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PJIQ21SD.ZIP 892 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PJIQ21SV.ZIP 646 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
RJHH21DT.ZIP 558 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RJHH21FL.ZIP 1.07 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RJHH21SD.ZIP 819 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RJHH21SV.ZIP 592 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
RJIQ21DT.ZIP 928 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RJIQ21FL.ZIP 1.86 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RJIQ21SD.ZIP 1.46 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RJIQ21SV.ZIP 1019 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Tamil Nadu
Household Raw
TNHH21DT.ZIP 474 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
TNHH21FL.ZIP 920 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
TNHH21SD.ZIP 685 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
TNHH21SV.ZIP 508 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
TNIQ21DT.ZIP 735 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
TNIQ21FL.ZIP 1.44 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
TNIQ21SD.ZIP 1.13 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
TNIQ21SV.ZIP 804 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
TRHH21DT.ZIP 256 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
TRHH21FL.ZIP 444 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
TRHH21SD.ZIP 346 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
TRHH21SV.ZIP 261 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
TRIQ21DT.ZIP 336 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
TRIQ21FL.ZIP 615 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
TRIQ21SD.ZIP 479 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
TRIQ21SV.ZIP 357 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Uttar Pradesh
Household Raw
UPHH21DT.ZIP 991 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
UPHH21FL.ZIP 2.00 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
UPHH21SD.ZIP 1.46 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
UPHH21SV.ZIP 1.06 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
UPIQ21DT.ZIP 1.88 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
UPIQ21FL.ZIP 4.03 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
UPIQ21SD.ZIP 3.08 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
UPIQ21SV.ZIP 2.16 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
West Bengal
Household Raw
WBHH21DT.ZIP 494 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
WBHH21FL.ZIP 961 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
WBHH21SD.ZIP 713 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
WBHH21SV.ZIP 529 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
WBIQ21DT.ZIP 815 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
WBIQ21FL.ZIP 1.61 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
WBIQ21SD.ZIP 1.25 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
WBIQ21SV.ZIP 893 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)

Data collected for women 13-49, indicators calculated for women 15-49