Survey Datasets Files

Rwanda: SPA, 2007
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SPA Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Antenatal Care Recode
RWAN5JDTSR.ZIP 1.31 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWAN5JFLSR.ZIP 1.32 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWAN5JSDSR.ZIP 1.32 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWAN5JSVSR.ZIP 1.32 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
ART Recode
RWAT5JDTSR.ZIP 1.29 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWAT5JFLSR.ZIP 1.31 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWAT5JSDSR.ZIP 1.30 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWAT5JSVSR.ZIP 1.30 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Unit Check List Recode
RWCL5JDTSR.ZIP 1.27 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWCL5JFLSR.ZIP 1.27 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWCL5JSDSR.ZIP 1.27 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWCL5JSVSR.ZIP 1.27 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
VCT Recode
RWCT5JDTSR.ZIP 1.30 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWCT5JFLSR.ZIP 1.32 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWCT5JSDSR.ZIP 1.32 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWCT5JSVSR.ZIP 1.31 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Facility Recode
RWFC5JDTSR.ZIP 1.74 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWFC5JFLSR.ZIP 1.83 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWFC5JSDSR.ZIP 1.86 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWFC5JSVSR.ZIP 1.76 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Family Planning Recode
RWFP5JDTSR.ZIP 1.31 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWFP5JFLSR.ZIP 1.33 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWFP5JSDSR.ZIP 1.33 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWFP5JSVSR.ZIP 1.32 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Laboratory Recode
RWLB5JDTSR.ZIP 1.33 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWLB5JFLSR.ZIP 1.36 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWLB5JSDSR.ZIP 1.36 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWLB5JSVSR.ZIP 1.35 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Health Information System Recode
RWMS5JDTSR.ZIP 1.29 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWMS5JFLSR.ZIP 1.30 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWMS5JSDSR.ZIP 1.30 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWMS5JSVSR.ZIP 1.30 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Outpatient/inpatient Recode
RWOI5JDTSR.ZIP 1.37 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWOI5JFLSR.ZIP 1.41 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWOI5JSDSR.ZIP 1.42 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWOI5JSVSR.ZIP 1.39 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Pharmacy Recode
RWPH5JDTSR.ZIP 1.46 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPH5JFLSR.ZIP 1.50 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPH5JSDSR.ZIP 1.53 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPH5JSVSR.ZIP 1.47 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
PMTCT Recode
RWPM5JDTSR.ZIP 1.31 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPM5JFLSR.ZIP 1.33 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPM5JSDSR.ZIP 1.33 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPM5JSVSR.ZIP 1.32 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Provider Recode
RWPV5JDTSR.ZIP 1.50 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPV5JFLSR.ZIP 1.51 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPV5JSDSR.ZIP 1.56 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPV5JSVSR.ZIP 1.51 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Sick Child Recode
RWSC5JDTSR.ZIP 1.40 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWSC5JFLSR.ZIP 1.42 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWSC5JSDSR.ZIP 1.44 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWSC5JSVSR.ZIP 1.44 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Sexually Transmitted Infections Recode
RWSI5JDTSR.ZIP 1.28 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWSI5JFLSR.ZIP 1.29 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWSI5JSDSR.ZIP 1.28 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWSI5JSVSR.ZIP 1.28 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Staff/Provider Listing Recode
RWSL5JDTSR.ZIP 1.28 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWSL5JFLSR.ZIP 1.28 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWSL5JSDSR.ZIP 1.28 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWSL5JSVSR.ZIP 1.28 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
TB data Recode
RWTB5JDTSR.ZIP 1.28 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWTB5JFLSR.ZIP 1.29 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWTB5JSDSR.ZIP 1.29 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWTB5JSVSR.ZIP 1.29 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Antenatal Care Raw
RWAN5IDTSP.ZIP 60.4 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWAN5IFLSP.ZIP 70.7 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWAN5ISDSP.ZIP 73.1 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWAN5ISVSP.ZIP 79.3 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
RWAT5IDTSP.ZIP 32.1 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWAT5IFLSP.ZIP 39.9 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWAT5ISDSP.ZIP 35.1 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWAT5ISVSP.ZIP 37.5 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
RWCT5IDTSP.ZIP 39.5 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWCT5IFLSP.ZIP 48.7 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWCT5ISDSP.ZIP 47.0 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWCT5ISVSP.ZIP 42.7 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Facility Raw
RWFC5IDTSP.ZIP 494 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWFC5IFLSP.ZIP 607 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWFC5ISDSP.ZIP 639 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWFC5ISVSP.ZIP 570 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Family Planning Raw
RWFP5IDTSP.ZIP 58.1 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWFP5IFLSP.ZIP 71.2 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWFP5ISDSP.ZIP 71.4 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWFP5ISVSP.ZIP 73.5 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Inpatient Unit Raw
RWIP5IDTSP.ZIP 45.8 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWIP5IFLSP.ZIP 62.6 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWIP5ISDSP.ZIP 51.1 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWIP5ISVSP.ZIP 46.1 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Laboratory Raw
RWLB5IDTSP.ZIP 83.9 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWLB5IFLSP.ZIP 107 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWLB5ISDSP.ZIP 114 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWLB5ISVSP.ZIP 93.0 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Health Information System Raw
RWMS5IDTSP.ZIP 41.4 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWMS5IFLSP.ZIP 49.6 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWMS5ISDSP.ZIP 48.2 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWMS5ISVSP.ZIP 46.8 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Outpatient Unit Raw
RWOP5IDTSP.ZIP 93.5 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWOP5IFLSP.ZIP 115 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWOP5ISDSP.ZIP 121 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWOP5ISVSP.ZIP 109 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Pharmacy Raw
RWPH5IDTSP.ZIP 180 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPH5IFLSP.ZIP 201 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPH5ISDSP.ZIP 214 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPH5ISVSP.ZIP 247 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
RWPM5IDTSP.ZIP 49.1 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPM5IFLSP.ZIP 62.8 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPM5ISDSP.ZIP 57.5 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPM5ISVSP.ZIP 55.7 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Provider Raw
RWPV5IDTSP.ZIP 244 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWPV5IFLSP.ZIP 241 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWPV5ISDSP.ZIP 292 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWPV5ISVSP.ZIP 260 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Sick Child Raw
RWSC5IDTSP.ZIP 151 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWSC5IFLSP.ZIP 171 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWSC5ISDSP.ZIP 200 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWSC5ISVSP.ZIP 194 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Sexually Transmitted Infections Raw
RWSI5IDTSP.ZIP 28.5 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWSI5IFLSP.ZIP 36.9 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWSI5ISDSP.ZIP 31.5 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWSI5ISVSP.ZIP 28.4 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
TB data Raw
RWTB5IDTSP.ZIP 27.4 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
RWTB5IFLSP.ZIP 32.0 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
RWTB5ISDSP.ZIP 31.0 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
RWTB5ISVSP.ZIP 30.1 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)