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Ghana: Special, 2007
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Survey Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Household Raw 2.27 MB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat) 2.06 MB Stata dataset (.dta) 2.15 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat) 2.96 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat) 2.18 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw 2.26 MB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat) 1.54 MB Stata dataset (.dta) 1.82 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat) 2.55 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat) 1.86 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Other Data 187 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat) 184 KB Stata dataset (.dta) 191 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat) 195 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat) 238 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Verbal Autopsy 585 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat) 388 KB Stata dataset (.dta) 467 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat) 563 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat) 388 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)

Sampling information: Phase I: 240,000 Households, Phase II: 4,203. Verbal Autopsies: 10,858 households and 10,370 women aged 15-49. GHOD51*.ZIP: Death Certificate Forms.