Hanna Sheldon

"I use data from DHS surveys from across the globe. I use the latest available datapoint for each country. I consider two indicators: 1) Physical or sexual violence committed by husband/partner 2) Wife beating justified for at least one specific reason [Women] I only include in my analysis women that are currently married or living together with their spouse. 
“There's often a gap between women's experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) and their belief that it is justified. In some regions, such as Latin America and the Caribbean, women are more likely to believe IPV is unacceptable but are more likely to experience it themselves. On the other hand, in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, women are more likely to believe that IPV is justifiable, but less likely to report that they have experienced physical or sexual violence themselves."

Hanna's WFS 50 visualization submission

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