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The DHS Program's in-house Research and Analysis team conducts rigorous, timely, and innovative mixed-methods research on topics related to global public health, demography, and social epidemiology. Our team also trains, mentors, and closely collaborates with fellow researchers and stakeholders who are driven to utilize DHS Program surveys and other survey data to inform programs and policies in various countries and contexts.

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DHS Research Reports

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Sep 2014

Child Survival by HIV Status of the Mother: Evidence from DHS and AIS Surveys

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is the predominant cause of HIV infection in children.

Topics: HIV/AIDS, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health


Sep 2014

Potential Bias and Selectivity in Analyses of Children Born in the Past Five Years Using DHS Data

This paper investigates potential biases in analysis of data for only last-born children or non-last-born children instead of all children, and in the analysis of succeeding birth or pregnancy intervals, in both the five-year period preceding The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program surveys and for longer periods of time.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Infant and Child Mortality, Nutrition


Sep 2014

Evidence of Omission and Displacement in DHS Birth Histories

This report assesses the quality of the birth history data in 192 DHS surveys conducted since 1990.

Topics: Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Infant and Child Mortality


Feb 2014

The Effects of Fertility Behavior on Child Survival and Child Nutritional Status: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 2006 to 2012

This study analyzes the effect of inter-pregnancy spacing, age at birth and birth order on child mortality and nutritional status, using multivariate methods.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Family Planning, Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Infant and Child Mortality, Nutrition


Jan 2014

Association between Economic Growth, Coverage of Maternal and Child Health Interventions, and Under-Five Mortality: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis of 36 Sub-Saharan African Countries

In this report, using data from 99 Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) conducted in 36 sub-Saharan African countries, we investigate factors that have contributed to the declines in under-five mortality rates (U5MR) in sub-Saharan Africa.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health, Wealth/Socioeconomics


Jun 2011

Levels and Trends in the Use of Maternal Health Services in Developing Countries

This study aims to contribute to the understanding of use of key maternal health services in the past two decades in developing countries.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health, Maternal Mortality


Dec 2003

Childhood Mortality in the Developing World

This report is a review of childhood mortality in 56 developing countries.

Topics: Infant and Child Mortality


Dec 2003

Spatial Analysis of Childhood Mortality in West Africa

West African countries experience mortality two to three times higher than countries in northern Africa and much of southern Africa.

Topics: Geographic Information, Infant and Child Mortality


Dec 1997

The Consequences of Imperfect Fertility Control for Children's Survival, Health, and Schooling

This report explores the consequences of imperfect fertility control on various aspects of children's human capital formation-their survival, health, and schooling-using Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data from five countries across a range of demographic and development regimes.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Education, Infant and Child Mortality


Aug 1996

Infant and Child Mortality, 1996

The aim of this report is to assist in the formulation of child health policy and the evaluation of programs intended to improve the well-being and survival prospects of young children.

Topics: Infant and Child Mortality