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420 Publication(s)

ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FR354 Pakistan DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports No
FR337 South Africa DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 01/2019 DHS Final Reports No
FR349 Maldives DHS, 2016-17 - Final Report (English) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR341 Tajikistan DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English, Russian) 11/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR348 Albania DHS, 2017-18 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR347 Philippines DHS, 2017 - Final Report (English) 10/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR345 Senegal DHS, 2017 - Final Report (French) 09/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR326 Haiti DHS, 2016-17 - Final Report (French) 07/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR329 Timor-Leste DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 04/2018 DHS Final Reports No
FR333 Uganda DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 01/2018 DHS Final Reports Yes
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OF34 Malawi 2015-16 DHS - Fact Sheet (English) 02/2017 Other Fact Sheets No
OF31 National, State and Union Territory, and District Fact Sheets - 2015-16 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) (English) 01/2016 Other Fact Sheets No
OF29 Egypt DHS 2014 - 4 Fact Sheets (Arabic, English) 05/2015 Other Fact Sheets No
OF21 Kyrgyz Republic DHS 2012 - 5 Fact Sheets (English) 11/2013 Other Fact Sheets No
OF20 Tajikistan 2012 DHS - 5 Fact Sheets (Russian) (English) 11/2013 Other Fact Sheets No
OF17 Congo 2011-12 DHS Fact Sheets (French) 12/2012 Other Fact Sheets No
OF16 Cameroon 2011 DHS Fact Sheets (French) 09/2012 Other Fact Sheets No
OF2 West and Central Africa Nutrition Fact Sheet (English) 03/2004 Other Fact Sheets No
OF1 East and Southern Africa Nutrition Fact Sheet (English) 03/2004 Other Fact Sheets No
PB10 Bangladesh DHS 2014 - Policy Briefs (English) 03/2016 Policy Briefs No
PB11 Egypt DHS 2014 - Policy Briefs (Arabic, English) 05/2015 Policy Briefs No
DM46 Women's Lives and Challenges - 3 infographic posters (English) 03/2014 Other Dissemination Materials No
PB9 Kyrgyz Republic 2012 - Policy Briefs (English) 12/2013 Policy Briefs No
PB8 Tajikistan Briefing Kit 2012 (English) 11/2013 Policy Briefs No
DM25 Children's Health and Nutritional Status: Data from the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (English) 02/2013 Other Dissemination Materials No
ATR11 Tanzania Maternal Child Health and Nutrition Atlas: Data from the 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (Kiswahili) (English) 04/2012 Atlas Reports No
DM17 Children's Health and Nutritional Status in Ghana (English) 09/2009 Other Dissemination Materials No
PB2 Eswatini Briefing Kit 2006-07 (English) 08/2008 Policy Briefs No
ANC22 Senegal 2005, Nutrition of Young Children and Mothers (English, French) 11/2006 Africa Nutrition Chartbooks No
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QRS23 Enhancing Nutrition Data Quality in the DHS Program (English) 11/2018 Qualitative Research Studies Yes
CR49 Facility-based Nutrition Readiness and Delivery of Maternal and Child Nutrition Services using Service Provision Assessment Surveys (English) 09/2018 Comparative Reports Yes
AS66 The Association of Deforestation and Other Environmental Factors with Child Health and Mortality (English) 08/2018 Analytical Studies Yes
WP136 Feeding Practices and Nutritional Status of Children Age 6-23 Months in Myanmar: Further Analysis of the 2015-16 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
CR47 Adolescent Nutrition 2000-2017: DHS Data on Adolescents Age 15-19 (English) 06/2018 Comparative Reports Yes
WP135 Household and Community Risk Factors and Child Well-Being in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (English) 02/2018 Working Papers Yes
FA109 Trends and Inequalities in Young Child Nutrition in Rwanda (English) 01/2018 Further Analysis Yes
MR18 Hemoglobin Data in DHS Surveys: Intrinsic Variation and Measurement Error (English) 08/2017 Methodological Reports Yes
WP126 Factors Associated with Stunting in Children under Age 2 in the Cambodia and Kenya 2014 Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 08/2016 Working Papers Yes
FA103 Trends in Child Health in Nigeria, 2003-2013 (English) 08/2016 Further Analysis No
CR42 Levels and Trends in Maternal and Child Health Disparities by Wealth and Region in Eleven Countries with DHS Surveys (English) 08/2016 Comparative Reports Yes
CR40 Urban Child Poverty, Health, and Survival in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (English) 08/2016 Comparative Reports Yes
MR16 An Assessment of the Quality of DHS Anthropometric Data, 2005-2014 (English) 09/2015 Methodological Reports Yes
NUT6 Nutritional Status of Women and Children: A 2014 update on nutritional status by sociodemographic and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) indicators collected in Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 12/2014 Other Nutrition Reports No
WP115 Obesity and Related Factors among Jordanian Women of Reproductive Age Based on Three DHS Surveys, 2002-2012 (English) 09/2014 Working Papers Yes
TR8 Trends in Demographic and Health Indicators in Jordan: Data from the 1990-2012 Jordan Publication and Family Health Surveys (Arabic, English) 09/2014 Trend Reports Yes
MR14 Potential Bias and Selectivity in Analyses of Children Born in the Past Five Years Using DHS Data (English) 09/2014 Methodological Reports Yes
FA92 Child Health and Nutrition in Mali: Further Analysis of the 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Further Analysis Yes
WP109 Maternal Iron and Vitamin A Supplementation and the Nutritional Status of Children in the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 08/2014 Working Papers Yes
AS37 The Effects of Fertility Behavior on Child Survival and Child Nutritional Status: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 2006 to 2012 (English) 02/2014 Analytical Studies Yes
WP89 Trends and Determinants of Malnutrition among Children Age 0-59 Months in Kenya (KDHS 1993, 2003 and 2008-09) (English) 02/2013 Working Papers Yes
WP84 The Impact of Maternal Education on Child Nutrition: Evidence from Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe (English) 02/2013 Working Papers Yes
NUT5 Micronutrients: Results of the 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (English) 09/2011 Other Nutrition Reports Yes
CR27 Trends in Nutritional Status of Adult Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 07/2011 Comparative Reports Yes
WP77 Undernutrition among Women in Ethiopia (English) 11/2010 Working Papers Yes
NUT4 Nutrition Update 2010 (English) 09/2010 Other Nutrition Reports Yes
WPZ7 Biological, Social and Environmental Determinants of Low Birth Weight and Stunting among Infants and Young Children in Zimbabwe (English) 02/2010 Working Papers No
WP66 Where the Standard Makes the Difference in the Real World of Malnutrition: Analysis of 10 Countries with DHS Data (English) 09/2009 Working Papers Yes
FA68 État nutritionnel des enfants de moins de cinq ans au Mali de 1995 à 2006 (French) 09/2009 Further Analysis Yes
MR6 An Assessment of the Quality of Data on Health and Nutrition in the DHS Surveys, 1993-2003 (English) 12/2008 Methodological Reports Yes
WP41 Further Evidence of the Effects of Preceding Birth Intervals on Neonatal, Infant, and Under-Five-Years Mortality and Nutritional Status in Developing Countries (English) 09/2008 Working Papers Yes
NUT3 Nutrition of Young Children and Women - Ethiopia 2005 (English) 09/2008 Other Nutrition Reports Yes
AS16 HIV and Nutrition among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 09/2008 Analytical Studies Yes
FA49 The Treatment of Childhood Illness in Nepal (English) 01/2008 Further Analysis Yes
NUT2 Micronutrient Update 2007 (English) 01/2007 Other Nutrition Reports Yes
NUT1 Infant and Young Child Feeding Update, 2006 (English) 09/2006 Other Nutrition Reports Yes
CR11 The Context of Women's Health: Results from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 1994-2001 (English) 12/2005 Comparative Reports Yes
CR10 Nutritional Status of Children: Results from the Demographic and Health Surveys 1994 - 2001 (English) 12/2005 Comparative Reports Yes
QRS6 Water, Koko, and Appetite: Complementary Feeding Practices in Kumasi, Ghana (English) 09/2003 Qualitative Research Studies Yes
NUT0 Micronutrient Update 2002 (English) 05/2002 Other Nutrition Reports No
QRS3 Introducing Complementary Foods to Infants in Central Mali (English) 10/2001 Qualitative Research Studies No
CS30 Breastfeeding and Complementary Infant Feeding/Postpartum Effects (English) 06/1999 Comparative Reports Yes
FA61 Fécondité, planification familiale et santé de la mère et de l'enfant à Madagascar Situation régionale (French) 05/1999 Further Analysis Yes
TR08 Trends in Demographic, Family Planning, and Health Indicators in Indonesia 1971-1997 (English) 12/1998 Trend Reports No
FA25 Perspectives on the Population & Health Situation in Egypt (English) 07/1998 Further Analysis Yes
CS24 Maternal Nutritional Status (English) 12/1997 Comparative Reports No
TR06 Trends in Demographic, Family Planning, and Health Indicators in Tanzania (English) 10/1997 Trend Reports No
CS12 Children's Nutritional Status (English) 06/1994 Comparative Reports No
FA8 Determinantes, Niveles y Tendencias de la Fecundidad en la República Dominicana (Spanish) 04/1990 Further Analysis No
FA10 Determinants of Health and Mortality in Africa (English, French) 04/1990 Further Analysis No
FA3 Breastfeeding and Diarrhea in Brazilian Children (English) 03/1990 Further Analysis No
FA1 Health and Population Studies Based on the 1987 Thailand Demographic and Health Survey (English) 12/1989 Further Analysis No
OD66 Women's Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000 (English) 03/2014 Other Documents Yes
OD56 Nutrition in India (English) 08/2009 Other Documents No
OD46 Trends in Youth Reproductive Health in Ethiopia, 2000 and 2005 (English) 04/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD49 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Zarqa Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD48 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Irbid Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD47 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Amman Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD22 Anemia Testing in Population-Based Surveys (English) 06/2000 Other Documents Yes
OD13 Anemia Testing Manual for Population-Based Surveys (English) 01/2000 Other Documents Yes
OD20 Guatemala Salud Materno Infantil en los Departamentos del Altiplano (Spanish) 12/1999 Other Documents Yes
OD8 Enquêtes Démographiques et de Santé en Afrique de l'Ouest (French) 06/1999 Other Documents Yes
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